Lorenzo Quintanilla (1986) Lives and works in Amsterdam. My work navigates between concept, craft, material and invention. One of the reasons the majority of my work is executed as sculpture or site specific installation is because of the unlimited possibilities in the use of materials. It is material based in both traditional and contemporary techniques.
I am a maker. Curiosity forces me to discover and experiment with the unknown, because I find that “doing” allows me to exceed the things I invent in my mind. I found out that for me the process of making a work is almost as important as the final result.
The experimentation with possible materials brings up new perspectives and ideas. From the moment I graduated, I started to work as a independent artist as well in a collective (NSD) which was founded during my study at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. For the collective there is more of a site specific approach: short intense period working on a piece in situ, which is made for that specific location, in collaboration with other artist. Mainly the themes are related to my independent work, but execution, language and form and choices differ. A fascination for decay and the destructive force of nature and mankind are returning points of departure. Doomsday scenarios in all forms through the ages and cultures, have been subjects in the past few years.